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Conference Location

The Global Forum on Innovations in Science & Technology, [Glob-FIST], March 2020 will be held at the Nishat Hotel in the city of Lahore, which is noteworthy for its unique geographical juxtaposition. At the heart of Lahore lies the walled city of wonders; reminiscent of the glorious rule of Rajas, Mahrajas, and Emperors, it is flanked on one side by one of the five rivers that give Punjab its name (Punj: five, and Aab: Rivers), and is surrounded on all other sides by the bustling metropolitan that makes up the modern Lahore. The venue is especially apposite to the conference theme as Lahore lies at the junction of the historic past and the vibrant future; the rural and the urban, and holds both the chronicles of the magnificent past and the promises for the transcendent future within itself. Lahore is renowned for its vibrant culture, charming tourist attractions, convivial hospitality, and its excellent cuisine. A melting pot of different cultures, and a popular tourist destination; the English language is commonly understood all over Lahore. Urdu and Punjabi are the other two most commonly used languages in the city. Lahore residents enjoy all four seasons in their resplendent natural glory, getting to experience an especially varicolored spring season during March when the weather is beautifully moderate. The time zone followed in Lahore is GMT+5.

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