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The Global Forum on Innovations in Science & Technology, [Glob-FIST], March 2020, highlights the theme “Science and technology; Connecting Past, Present, and Future” and welcomes research proposals falling under any of its 8 tracks. The organizing committee also encourages submissions of inter-disciplinary research proposals combining two or more of the given tracks to the conference. Prospective presenters are invited to submit proposals including but not limited to the sub-tracks given below:



Botany | Zoology | Microbiology | Ecology | Genetics, and relevant topics

Genetic Engineering | Animal Agriculture | Energy and Environment | Fermentation Technology | Bioinformatics | Bioelectronics, and relevant topics

Analytical Chemistry | Biochemistry | Environmental Chemistry | Industrial Chemistry | Inorganic Chemistry | Nano-chemistry | Organic Chemistry | Physical Chemistry | Polymer Chemistry | Thermochemistry, and relevant topics

Algebraic Geometry | Combinatorics and Graph Theory | Commutative Algebra | Computational Acoustics and Electromagnetics | Data Mining in Finance | Differential Equations | Econometric Modelling | Entropy Estimation and Modelling | Fluid Dynamics | Game theory | Harmonic Analysis | Homological Algebra | Mathematical biology | Ranking and Selection Problems | Regression Modelling | Representation Theory | Step Stress Modelling, and relevant topics

This track is a special session during the conference to highlight the past and present contributions of Muslim scientists in science and technology. This track will have invited talks from eminent speakers on the subject, and relevant topics

Biophysics | Chemical Physics | Classical mechanics | Computational Physics | Condensed matter physics | Cosmology | Econo-physics | Electromagnetism and Electronics | Engineering Physics | Geophysics | Mathematical Physics | Medical Physics | Nuclear physics | Optics, and Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics | Particle Physics | Physical Chemistry | Quantum Computing | Quantum Mechanics | Relativistic Mechanics | Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanic, and relevant topics

Computer Vision / Image Processing | Control Systems | Electronics | Embedded Systems | Mathematical Optimization | Mechanics | Mechatronics | Motion and Path Planning | Multi-Agent Systems | Real-time Systems | Reinforcement Learning / Machine Learning / Transfer Learning | SLAM / Visual Odometry / Visual Inertial Navigation | Smart Sensors | Speech Recognition, and relevant topics

Aeronautics | Aerospace Engineering | Archaeoastronomy | Astrobiology | Astrobotany | Astrochemistry | Astronautics | Astrophysics | Forensic astronomy | Geospace Science & Technology | High End Energy Space Environment | Micro-g environment research | Orbital Mechanics | Physical Cosmology | Planetary Science | Solar & Heliospheric Physics | Space archaeology – the study of human artifacts in outer space | Space architecture | Space medicine, and relevant topics

Author  Guidelines 

Submissions for the paper are to be made via Easy Chair.

All submissions for the conference are limited to 6-pages double column. Additional pages up to 8-pages are allowed with an additional page fee of PKR 2000 per page. Submissions having more than 8-pages are strictly not allowed. All prospective authors are expected to follow the IEEE paper format; the IEEE paper templates compatible with LATEX and MS Word are attached below.  

Submission Templates


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