International Conference on Science, Reason & Religion (ICSRR 2019)

1st Day Highlights | 26th October 2019

"It is blessing of Allah to hold such a conference on a very thought provoking subject.Science and Religion are not Sacred matter that not to be interconnected with each other.Religion is purely emotional and Islam is the only religion without any Shadow of Doubt.Religion cannot be understood without Science.Creation of human being is subject matter to believe in religion leading to Human Science with Reasoning"

These words of wisdom were uttered by Dr Hassan Mohi Mohi -ud Qadri Chairman Supreme Council Minhaj ul Quran international as a key note speaker at the two days international Conference on Science Reason and Religion initiated on October 26th

The Chief Guest of the conference Honourable Provisional Minister of Religion Affairs Syed Saeed-ul-Hassan stated,"Science and Religion are part and parcel of each other  Nature is self speaking of religion and existence of God Science has proved with reasoning that nature will wither away without water.The basic of Reasoning of Science is all based on the revelations of Quran 

The second key note speaker Dr Charles M.Ramsey from USA denied this dogma that Science only belongs West.It is Science which provides wisdom to religion.All education in the world is with reference to Islamic is all process of learning and it is faith which aspires learning through Science and Reasoning by believing in Religion.Disagreement among Religions Scholars not to be on one page is a great threat to the learning of Religion with Science and Reasoning.I laud the efforts of Minhaj University to provide opportunities to students for comparative studies of Religion without any discrimination

Dr Muhammad Aslam Ghauri Vice Chancellor Minhaj University Lahore thanked the distinguished Guests, international speakers to grace the conference  He remarked that this conference provides excellent opportunity for students to interact with international speakers by being at their home town  Minhaj University is conducting this conference with an objective that it would culminate to foster and debate the philosophy and theology that to what extent are religion and science is compatible? Are religious beliefs sometimes conducive to scientific inquiry? Indeed this conference would provide an opportunity for the participants to understand and differentiate the complex relationship between science, religion, and social and cultural undertakings. This way we can pave the way to global peace through such conferences. 

Later on distinguished Guests and Senior journalists had a lunch with the international Speakers and participants

Dr Hassan and Dr Hussain thanked the Journalists for attending the Conference  and appreciated the efforts of Dr Khurram Shahzad Conference Secretary for the arrangements of the conferencea

2nd Day Highlights | 27th October 2019

Scientific Research is type of Reasoning which is based upon Religion and outcome makes our Faith Strong

‘’Religion is the ultimate truth to seek the pleasure of Divine. We have to shun nasty attributes for seeking intuition from Almighty. For aligning the society on the path of righteousness can only be achieved by bringing harmony by working on the philosophy of change which is that external agent of change cannot be succeeded without the support of internal agent. As external agents are the holy scriptures of divine messages sent through the Prophets and the internal agents are the scientific thinking and faith. a human being is having a scientific brain and religion provides you food for thought for reasoning which does not fit your five senses. Thus, scientific research is type of reasoning which is based upon religion and outcome makes our faith strong.”

This viewpoint was expressed by Dr Hussain Mohi-ud- Din Qadri, Deputy Chairman BOG-MUL, on the closing day of the International Conference on Science, Reason & Religion(27th October 2019).He added that these conferences are an immense instrumental tool of learning for participants by way of public relations with international scholars. Knowledge extracted from such conferences is not benefiting the university alone but serve as a reference for posterity.

He concluded,’’ this conference has brought together three important aspects of the history of human thoughts: science, reason and religion. Each of these three subjects has had an enormous influence on the development of human life throughout the ages. However, religion is also an expression of that same human desire to know. Human beings have always been curious about their origins and about their destination after death. The crux of the conference is to understand the fact that religion and science are both expression of human desire to understand the meaning of life in this world.”

Ch. Shamshad Ahmad, the veteran Pakistani Diplomate, lauded the efforts of Minhaj University Lahore for organizing such a productive conference where without discrimination international scholars from all religions are invited to express their point of view with freedom of expression. The world today is extension of global environment. No society can live in isolation. To bring harmony in society, the commencement of such conferences is integral.

Prof.Dr.Fazal Ahmad Khalid, Chairman Higher Education Commission, congratulated Dr Hussain Mohi-ud- Din Qadri on developing a culture of conferences in the university and bringing harmony among different religions by bringing them on one platform. These conferences provide golden opportunity to learn from reputable international personalities.

Mian Imran Masood, Vice-Chancellor, University of South Asia,held in high esteem the basic theme and purpose of the conference. He said that such conferences get-together of International speakers provides an opportunity to strengthen the bilateral ties between the different countries.

Mr.Rabbi Herschel Gluck. Chairman & Founder of Jewish Forum, United Kingdom that it is matter of immense pleasure for me that even being Jewish I am invited in this conference. This gesture would foster rich diplomatic ties with the Jewish community of the world with Pakistan. He said that the human mind is scientific and demands an explanation to believe in something. It is religion which gives us faith to believe and science extends reasons on the basis of religious methodologies.

Dr Charles M.Ramsey, Baylor Institutes for studies of Religion, USA said that it is a great opportunity to speak at this conference. It is a generality that can't be denied that west got the scientific knowledge from the doctrines of Islam.

Dr.Alan Race, Chair & Editor in –Chief of Interreligious Insight, UK felt delighted to be the part& parcel of the Conference. He said,’’ human beings are the vicegerent of God. It is only humans who have the power to contemplate so it is our moral obligation to create peace in this world. Fruitable relations are only possible among humans


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