International Conference on Social Responsibility & World Religions 2018

Hosted by Minhaj University Lahore in collaboration with Punjab Higher Education Commission, Pakistan

Religions are concerned not only with life in the world to come but have a social responsibility for the enhancement of human life in this world. Followers of these religions need constant reminders of their social responsibilities. The first step the religions need to take is to recognize and articulate the socio-political, ethical, environmental and gender issues of people in the modern world. Religions that do not express these issues convincingly may have weak coherence with a younger generation of adherents. The aim of this conference is to provide a platform for the articulation of social responsibility from a religious perspective. The conference will raise awareness of the responsibility that world religions have to speak out on social justice. The conference will also seek ways in which the religions can work together to address issues of social responsibility that they have in common.  


4th World Islamic Economics and Finance Conference (WIEFC 2021)